Mary Ellen Weissman

Ph.D. Lisenced Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Weissman is a licensed psychologist specializing in psychological and educational testing, psychotherapy and consultation. Having worked with children and adults for more than 30 years, Dr. Weissman has crafted a unique approach that combines her years of clinical training and practice with her intuitive grasp of children, adolescents and families.Dr. Weissman provides clients with in depth information about their learning, social and emotional functioning, and explains how individuals can best meet their potential. Her goal is for clients to feel successful, confident and resilient as they meet the inevitable, ever changing challenges in their lives.

Education and Professional Experience:

Dr. Weissman is a Harvard trained child psychologist in private practice in Philadelphia, PA, where she provides assessment and psychotherapy services to children, adolescents and their families. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Weissman was Director of Assessment and Psychology at the Kingsbury Center, in Washington D.C. and was a consultant to The Department of State, The Madeira School, Mercersburg Academy and Miss Hall’s School.​



“Mary Ellen Weissman has a 6th sense. Her ability to read a child and immediately size up both the strengths and the vulnerabilities is a gift. She quickly identifies the disconnect that is preventing a child from realizing her full potential.”

Independent School Dean

“Dr. Weissman brought clarity to my child’s strengths and challenges and helped us learn how to capitalize on those strengths in a very traditional learning environment.”

Parent of a 9th Grader

“Mary Ellen’s humor, deep knowledge of adolescents and a belief that all children deserve to have their individual learning styles respected in school makes her an effective presenter to our faculty.”


Independent School Faculty Member


Dr. Weissman’s office is located at 614 South Hancock St, Philadelphia, PA 19147. Additionally, she offers virtual sessions.

Payment Policy

Payment for psychotherapy, educational consultation services, and testing is due when service is rendered. Clients may pay by cash or check. Credit cards are not accepted.  Psychotherapy sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled day of service or clients will be charged for that session.


No information regarding a client will be released by Dr. Weissman to any outside agency or professional without written authorization from that client. Dr. Weissman is fully compliant with all regulations mandated by HIPAA.


Dr. Weissman does not accept third party reimbursement from insurance carriers.  Clients are responsible for full payment, and if they have insurance benefits, the carrier will reimburse them directly.  From an insurance perspective, she is considered a non-participating, non-network provider. Dr. Weissman charges a fee for administrative services related to insurance.

While Dr. Weissman does not have a dedicated billing department, she will do her very best to attend to your insurance needs in a timely manner.  However, she has no say in the final determination or reimbursement.


Contact Me

Mary Ellen Weissman, Ph.D.
614 South Hancock St
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Tel: 610-246-3718