Services Offered

Admissions Testing

Dr. Weissman performs admissions testing for private schools using requested standardized testing.

Psychoeducational Testing

Dr. Weissman offers psycho-educational evaluations for children,
adolescents, and adults. Her comprehensive assessments are designed to
clarify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in cognitive, academic, and emotional functioning. Assessment also helps to identify inefficiencies in cognitive processes, such as memory, auditory, visual and/or speed, which contribute to learning and social/emotional difficulties. Click here to view more information on psycho-educational evaluations


Dr. Weissman is a trained child, adolescent, and family therapist. 

She uses targeted strategies to assist families in understanding and remediating their challenges. She believes in highlighting strengths to encourage growth.


To help parents convey information about their child to the school, Dr.
Weissman offers consultations with teachers, counselors and administrators. Such a coordinated educational and clinical approach can greatly enhance the student’s learning and emotional growth. School conferences are available upon request and at an additional fee.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Attentional and Learning Issues

Dr. Weissman offers a complete diagnostic and treatment program for
children, adolescents, and adults who experience difficulties with attention
and learning. Using an integrated, coordinated system of services, this
treatment plan may include the following: psycho-educational evaluation,
referral to specific psychiatrists for medication evaluation, individual and
family therapy, and cohesive tutorial services. Dr. Weissman is also
available for school meetings to report and interpret test findings and
coordinate support services.